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洛陽紙貴 (Luòyángzhǐguì)


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洛陽紙貴 (Luòyángzhǐguì) - Great literature.

Literal Meaning - Luo Yang Paper Expensive.

During the Western Jin era, there lived a scholar named "左思"(Zuǒsī). Zuǒsī spent a decade and wrote a book called "三都賦"(Sān dōu fù). The book was very popular so everyone wanted one but the supply of the book wasn't enough. Photocopy technology hasn't been invented yet so people relied on handcopying. This resulted in overdemand of papers in the city of "洛陽"(Luòyáng), prompting the vendors to raise the price of papers. It was because of Zuǒsī's great writings that the papers in Luòyáng became overpriced.

洛陽紙貴 (Luòyángzhǐguì) is used to praise someone for having great literary knowledge.


"Hunger Games 電影熱潮令到他的小說都大賣, 一時「洛陽紙貴」."

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