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前倨後恭 (Qián jù hòu gōng)


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前倨後恭 (Qián jù hòu gōng) - Treat people based on status.

Literal Meaning - Before bad after good.

During the end of the Warring States, there lived a man called "蘇秦"(Sūqín). He was a poor man and was looked down upon by everyone including his family. Even the pet dog got better treatment, the reason was because Sūqín was poor and useless according to them. Sūqín swore that he will one day be rich and powerful, he studied hard and finally the King of Zhao noticed him and appointed him the Prime Minister of Zhao. He returned home years later, this time he was greeted with respect and honor by his family and friends.

前倨後恭 (Qián jù hòu gōng) is used to describe people that treats people according to their stature.


"見高就拜,見低就踩 「前倨後恭」真現實!"

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