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邯鄲學步 (Hándānxuébù)


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邯鄲學步 (Hándānxuébù) - Losing personality.

Literal meaning - Learn to walk at Han Dan City.

Once upon a time, there was a man who walked with the foot facing inwards. Villagers were always saying that he walked very hideously. One day, he met an old man that told the man that people at Han Dan City have the best walking posture. So the man set out to Han Dan to learn how to walk properly. He came back a month later, his fiancee was shocked to see that he was crawling back instead of walking back. The man said that the people of Han Dan indeed had beautiful postures but everyone walked differently. The man got confused and in the end, didn't learn anything and forgot how he initially walked.

邯鄲學步 (Hándānxuébù) is used to describe someone so focused on imitating others that he/she loses personality.


"你每一件事都要學別人, 小心「邯鄲學步」搞到自己原有的風格都給忘記掉."

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