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樑上君子 (Liángshàngjūnzǐ)


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樑上君子 (Liángshàngjūnzǐ) - A thief.

Literal meaning - Gentleman on the beam.

Once upon a time there once was a thief that broke into an old man's house. The old man was doing some reading and noticed that his things was missing. It was the thief roaming around picking things off. The old man then called his sons into the room and started talking to them about life lessons. The old man said that everyone is born with a pure heart, only under circumstances that people did bad things. The old man believed that people should be given a second chance. His sons were puzzled as to what their father was talking about until the old man revealed that he was talking about the "gentleman" hiding on the horizontal beam. The thief felt ashamed and climbed down. He apologized and asked to be forgiven. The old man forgave him and let him go.

樑上君子 (Liángshàngjūnzǐ) means thief.


"你不好好讀書, 小心大了以後, 淪為盜賊當「樑上君子」."

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