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因勢利導 (Yīnshìlìdǎo)


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因勢利導 (Yīnshìlìdǎo) - Act according situation.

Literal Meaning - Because of circumstances, benefit's lead.

During the Warring States, Kingdoms Qi and Wei were fighting each other. Qi was inferior to Wei in terms of sheer army numbers. Qi's general Sun Bin was aware that this situation would have made Wei's general overconfident so he devised a plan. Qi's army would pretend to retreat from the battlefield, in each camp Sun Bin ordered his men to gradually reduce the amount of cooking spots to give a false impression to Wei that their army was dwindling due to soldiers abandoning camp. Wei's general fell into the trap and left the majority of his troops behind and only brought one-third of his army to pursue Qi's army. Upon reaching a certain narrow ravine, Qi's army ambushed Wei and killed Wei's general, subsequently winning the battle.

因勢利導 (Yīnshìlìdǎo) means to follow the flow of current situation and act accordingly.


"既然他以為他是贏定, 我們就「因勢利導」引他入局."

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