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畫蛇添足 (Huàshétiānzú)


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畫蛇添足 (Huàshétiānzú) - Pointless.

Literal Meaning - Draw snake with legs.

Once upon a time three men fought over a bottle of wine. A, B, and C were drunks fighting over wine. They accidentally dropped the bottle and the wine was gone. They started fighting until D intervened, he said that he had wine and stated that whoever can draw the prettiest snake wins the wine. A completed his picture in no time so he took a look at the others and found them to be lacking. A was so confident he thought that he would make the snake prettier by adding limbs on it. In the end, he lost because snakes don't have limbs.

畫蛇添足 (Huàshétiānzú) means to do something meaningless.


"都跟你說是不用做的, 你就是不聽. 真是「畫蛇添足」多此一舉!"

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