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Russian Vocabulary: Public Transport


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If one day you decide to visit Russia, so you will need at least basic lexis for public transport. The capital of Russia is Moscow –  a city with the heaviest traffic. In addition to it Moscow is very beautiful place and there are lots of sightseeing places which are worth visiting. But how to travel inside of this large mega polis? Well, you can hire a car or pay for the taxi. However, the last one will be too costly. Are there any alternatives?

Yes, of course. We have many available options of public transport. In Moscow you can travel by tram, trolleybus, bus and underground. The fee for using public transport is not very high, so travel cheap!

Some useful words:

Общественный транспорт - Obŝestvennyj transport - Public transport

Городской транспорт - Gorodskoj transport - City transport

Движение - Dviženie -Traffic

Право/левостороннее движение - Pravo/levostoronnee dviženie - Right /left-hand transport 


Одностороннее движение - Odnostoronnee dviženie - One-way traffic

Пробка - Probka -Traffic jam

Светофор - Svetofor - Traffic light

Переполненный - Perepolnennyj – overcrowded

Трамвай - Tramvaj - tram

Трамвайная линия – Tramvajnaâ liniâ – tramline

Ехать автобусом - Ehat´ avtobusom – go by bus

Опоздать на автобус – Opozdat´ na avtobus – miss a bus

Номер маршрута – Nomer maršruta – route number

Троллейбус – Trollejbus – Trolleybus

Водитель – Voditel´ – Driver

Зайти в автобус – Zajti v avtobus - board  a bus

Possible questions, that you may need in large megapolis.

Подскажите пожалуйста, идет ли отсюда автобус до…?

Podskažite požalujsta, idet li otsûda avtobus do…?

[Can you tell me if there is a bus from here to …?]

Этот автобус идет до …?

Ètot avtobus idet do …?

[is this the right bus for …?]

Вы сейчас будете выходить?

Vy sejčas budete vyhodit´?

[Getting off?]

Мне нужно делать пересадку?

Mne nužno delat´ peresadku?

[should I have to change?]

Сколько стоит проезд?

Skol´ko stoit proezd?

[What is the fare to …?]

Двенадцатый номер останавливается  на …?

Dvenadcatyj nomer ostanavlivaetsâ  na …?

[Does route #12 stop at …?]

Это место занято?

Èto mesto zanâto?

[is this seat taken?]

Here are some names for underground stations:

Арбатская – Arbatskaâ

Курская – Kurskaâ

Таганская - Taganskaâ

Бабушкинская - Babuškinskaâ

Октябрьская - Oktâbr´skaâ

Good Luck and happy journey!

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I'd like to add some vocabulary about the underground/subway/tube system as well.

Метро/метрополитен - Subway/underground/tube

Cтанция метро - Subway station

Линия метро - Subway line

Схема метро - Subway map


And there are some phrases you'll every time you use the underground in Russia, that you'll soon know by heart.

"Осторожно, двери закрывается!" - Caution, the doors are closing!

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