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同心同德 (Tóngxīn tóng dé)


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同心同德 (Tóngxīn tóng dé) - United.

Literal Meaning - Same heart, same thoughts.

During the end of the Shang Dynasty, the decisive battle between "周武王"(King Wu) and "紂王"(King Zhou) was about to begin. King Wu gave a motivational speech of how if they are united they can defeat anyone while King Zhou pooled his army from ordinary citizens from his kingdom. Upon reaching the battlefield, King Zhou's army of ordinary citizens surrendered immediately because they were nothing but peasants which didn't have morale and discipline. King Wu finally succeeded in defeating King Zhou and brought an end to the tyranny of the Shang Dynasty.

同心同德 (Tóngxīn tóng dé) means to have the same goals and united.


"這個節目之所以可以那麼成功, 就是因為大家「同心同德」, 共同努力造出來的成果."

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