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瞎子摸象 (Xiāzi mō xiàng)


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瞎子摸象 (Xiāzi mō xiàng) - Jumping into conclusions.

Literal Meaning - Blind men touch elephant.

Once upon a time there lived four blind men. One day, they heard that someone brought an elephant into town. Since they didn't know how an elephant looked like, they went and touched the elephant to get an idea how it looked like. Blind men A touched the tusk, B touched the ear, C hugged the legs, and D held the tail. All of them now had an idea what was an elephant. Later after they got home, the villagers asked them what was an elephant and the blind men answered differently. A said that it looked like a radish, B claimed that it shaped like a fan, C said it was a log, and D argued that it looked like a rope.

瞎子摸象 (Xiāzi mō xiàng) means someone jumping to conclusions without first understanding the whole situation.


"你不跟著圖就亂拼puzzle. 難怪你像「瞎子摸象」一樣, 拼來拼去都拼不成."

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