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東窗事發 (Dōngchuāngshìfā)


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東窗事發 (Dōngchuāngshìfā) - Dirty secrets exposed.

Literal Meaning - East window matter discovered.

A folklore, during the Song Dynasty, there was the notorious "秦檜"(Qín guì) whom plotted the death of the famous general "岳飛"(Yuèfēi) at the East window of his mansion. After Yuefei was executed on the orders of the emperor, the guards of hell came and took Qin gui away. When in hell, the guards revealed that they have found out about what Qin Gui did at the East window.

東窗事發 (Dōngchuāngshìfā) means that a dirty secret has been discovered, exposed, or found out.


"我都叫你不要害人你就是不聽. 你看, 現在「東窗事發」, 警察要來抓你了!"

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