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Theatre in Russia


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Hello Everyone,

Hope, all is well and you are working hard (and having fun at the same time) learning your favourite foreign language.

I went to the opera today to watch the new production of Prince Igor composed by Borodin over 100 years ago. Beautiful music! Stunning performances! Well, I may be an easily excited one, so you may want to wait and see what the critics say.

I thought I would refresh your memory on some theatre-related words today. After all, russians love theatre and they often invite their guests from foreign parts to join them to see a particularly interesting production. So, here are some words to help you not to get lost in the theatre:

Фойе = foyer

Гардероб = cloackroom, checkroom

Партер = orchestra

Амфитеатр = amphitheatre

Ложа = box

Бельэтаж = mezzanine

Бенуар = baignoir box

Оркестровая  яма = orchestra pit

Занавес = curtain

Кулисы = backstage

Cпектакль = performance, play

Буфет = buffet, cafeteria - where you can get all sorts of delicious refreshments :)

Hope, you get to go to the theatre in Russia and enjoy your time there!

Till next time :)

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Thanks for the vocabulary! I lived in Moscow for two years and was able to go to the theater a few times. К сожалению, когда я жил в Москве Большой театр был закрыт. Он был закрыт семь лет и открылся скоро после того как я уехал. But I was able to see a ballet (Romeo and Juliet) and Звуки музыки at other venues. I absolutely loved it! I miss Russia and Moscow and hope to go back one day.

Thanks for your helpful topics!

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Thanks for another amazing post :)  I love your cultural notes and the way you include a lot vocabulary :)  I might go to Russian on a holiday in the future, we will definitely go to the theater!  I really love going to the theater, but most of our plays here are more like a joke!

I'm sure Russian plays are awesome, when I think of Russian I often think of it as a place full of interesting cultural things, great plays, great shows, etc. 

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It sounds like you had a lot of fun at that show, I wish I could see it too! I love the theatre, so this will be very useful vocabulary. Спасибо :)

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