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出奇制勝 (Chūqízhìshèng)


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出奇制勝 (Chūqízhìshèng) - Win with special ways.

Literal meaning - Use special to secure victory.

During the Warring States, Yan and Qi went to war with each other. Because Yan was much stronger, Qi offered to surrender. This made Yan loosen its security. Meanwhile, Qi ordered his men to get paint and a lot of cows. At night, Qi's men painted their faces with different colors and herded the cows to rush into Yan's camp. Yan thought that they've won so they were celebrating when the attack happened. The cows tails were on fire therefore setting up everything they touch with fire. Yan's camps were burned to the ground and Yan's men all ran away because they were statled by the faces of Qi's men.

出奇制勝 (Chūqízhìshèng) means to do something unexpected in order to win.


"忽必烈用反間計「出奇制勝」, 終於打敗了阿里不哥, 奪取蒙古."

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