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Currency and Bank Services Vocabulary


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It is obviously, that when you decide to travel to Russia, you will need to know well vocabulary for various bank and currency services. From this post you will learn basic topical vocabulary and it will help you to regulate any financial issue with bank managers.

Let ‘s start with words and expressions:

Валюта – Valûta – currency

Монета  - Moneta  - coin

Наличка (наличные деньги) – Nalička (naličnye den´gi) – cash

Занимать (кому-то) - Zanimat´ (komu-to) - lend

Занимать (у кого-то) - Zanimat´ (u kogo-to) - borrow

Пункты обмена валюты – Punkty obmena valûty – exchange facilities

Банкоматы – Bankomaty – cashpoint machines

Кассир – Kassir – cashier

Касса – Kassa – cashier’s desk

Платеж или оплата – Platež ili oplata –  payment

Денежный перевод – Denežnyj perevod – money transfer

Размер комиссионных  - Razmer komissionnyh  -  rate of commission

Валютный курс – Valûtnyj kurs – exchange rate

Процент – Procent – interest

Забрать деньги со счета – Zabrat´ den´gi so sčeta – withdraw money from an account

Открыть счет – Otkryt´ sčet – open an account.

On top of that , try to practice your knowledge of Russian words for currency and bank services.  I have prepared some questions phrases that may be very helpful.

У меня нет при себе денег.

U menâ net pri sebe deneg.

I do not have money about me.

Сколько я вам должен?

Skol´ko â vam dolžen?

How much do I owe you?

Я бы хотел разменять крупные деньги.

 by hotel razmenât´ krupnye den´gi.

I would like to change some banknotes  of high value.

Сколько вы берете за обмен?

Skol´ko vy berete za obmen?

What rate of commission do you charge?

Какой валютный курс?

Kakoj valûtnyj kurs?

What is the exchange rate?

Какой курс доллара?

Kakoj kurs dollara?

What is the exchange rate for the dollar?   

Official Russian currency is рубль - rubl´. 

We have both banknotes and coins.               

At this picture you can see Russian money.


Actually it will be problematic to pay in dollars. Travelling by public transport within the country, you will need to have some cash. In large stores, malls or supermarkets you can pay, using electronic card.  However, it is not a guarantee of successful payment operation. :smile:

That is why, the first thing to do when departing to Russia is to find the nearest currency exchange center. There are lots of them in airports. Besides, now you know how to ask people about places for currency exchange.

Good luck and be ready to any situations during the trip!

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I always forget which was the right way to say different sums in Russian. 

1 рубль

2-4 рубля

5-20 рублей


1 копейка

2-4 копейки

5-10 копеек


1 эвро

2-4 эвро?

5-20 эвро?


1 доллар

2-4 доллара

5-20 долларов


 (Feel free to correct my Russian, I know I have problems with grammar)

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On 9/19/2016 at 4:26 PM, reverserewind said:

Lucy, in Russian the name of Euro currency sounds a bit different. It's written as "евро" and it's pronounced as "йевро". I hope you have already heard it, so you may know what I'm talking about.


Oh, I know how it's pronounced, but every time I have to use евро I get a bit confused if I say the total right. I work in retail and whenever I'm at касса, I wonder if I say the units right. If I have to say 14.99€, do I say it right when I say  Четырнадцать евро и девяносто девят сентов? Or if the total is 53.83€? Пятьдесят три евро и восемьдесят три сент? 

I always end up a bit confused and end up mumbling the units I'm not sure about. So this is the part I wish I remembered better from my Russian lessons. 

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