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I just came back from the Netherlands!


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Hello everyone!  I am finally back from the Netherlands and truly looking forward to go back, but the only thing stopping me right now is the language! After spending a few weeks over there, I must the language doesn't seem as hard as I thought it was and I could easily recognize many words in dutch that are identical in English!  So that gives me some hope! 

Bad news is I should at least learn the basics of dutch in just 6 months!  I need to hurry up, but I don't want to stress about it.  I have an action plan and it includes the pimsleur course, I guess once I'm done with that course I will know at least a few basic phrases :)  I plan to look up the words and phrases I learn with that course online, then write them on a notebook so I can keep track of all the things I have learnt :)

I know this won't be easy at all tho, because I still have to work and also study before I apply for an online job I am hoping to get (I truly need to save money for my treatment!).

Wish me luck! 

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Right now I'm using mostly the Pimsleur audio course.  I won't lie t you, I have learn  lot thanks to that course, I mean, now I can recognize and know the meaning of several words whenever i hear them, but I don't think I'd be that lucky if I had to reach a text in dutch. 

My problem with that course is the fact it doesn't include a transcription of every conversation or a small glossary at least!  So I could also learn to spell the words.  It comes with a small reading booklet... just 2 or 3 pages, I think.  But it's not all that useful like a full transcription would be. But I can't complain, the course have taught me to speak some dutch :)  I will buy the course that you are supposed to buy if you are going to apply for the test you need to pass in order to get your MVV permit.

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It's great that you had a good time over here Trellum! I can really appreciate the fact that you want to learn to speak our language. I myself are wanting to learn Spanish and will be learning it at university starting in September. We could help each other out big time! Feel free to sent me a pm for Skype speaking/writing practice in Dutch - I'm sure I could help, and when I start Spanish, you can return the favor!


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OMG, yeah!!!  I love practicing languages in Skype :D  My dutch isn't that good right now, but once it gets better I'd love practicing with you :)  I plan to take a course after a few months, hopefully I will be more fluent, so we can help each other.  I'd love to help you with your Spanish, show you how the ''Mexican Spanish'' sounds like :)  I think you will like it, my accent is so neutral in Spanish; thus easy to understand.  I will send you a PM after writing this with my Skye id :)

By the way, where in the Netherlands do you live? North or south?  I heard dutch sounds different in the south!

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