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Faroese materials


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Yikes, Faroese looks a lot like Icelandic, doesn't it?  I bet not many people out there are trying to learn it, after all it's a very difficult language and it's not spoken in a lot places, but when has that stopped us (by us I meant language lovers)? LOL.  Here is a nice link:


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Thanks for the link, I eventually found a book in the end. Faroese is very similar to Iceland, although not fully intelligible. There are very few hard resources, but this may interest other Faroese learners, or just any language lovers in general.


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Your best bet is to look to Denmark, all Faroese people have to learn Danish in school, and so there are books Danish-Faroese, and some of those are translated into English, I you speak German you are also in luck, as there are a few University study books German_Faroese.

Take a look here: http://www.norden.org/da/norden-for-dig/ordboeger-kort-billeder-mv/ordboeger-med-de-nordiske-sprog .

And here is a link to translated terms and words from Faroese to Danish: https://da.glosbe.com/fo/da/

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