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覆水難收 (Fùshuǐnánshōu)


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覆水難收 (Fùshuǐnánshōu) - No second chances.

Literal Meaning - Poured water can't be recollected.

During the West Han era, there lived a poor scholar named "朱買臣"(Zhū mǎi chén). Because he was so poor his wife left him for a rich merchant. Years later, Zhu's ex-wife and her husband bankrupted and were now beggars on the streets. During this time, Zhu managed to get the top spot in the imperial exam and returned as an official. His ex-wife knew no shame and asked to return to Zhu. Zhu then agreed but on one condition. Zhu ordered his ex-wife to get a bucket of water which she did. Zhu then poured the water onto the ground and asked his ex-wife to recollect the water but she couldn't and said that it was impossible. Zhu said to her, "Yes, it's impossible. Do you get it now?" In the end, Zhu left without her.

覆水難收 (Fùshuǐnánshōu) means there's no turning back once something happens.


"當一件事發生了就「覆水難收」, 不可以回頭了. 你要三思."

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