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Does anyone know of any good resources for Hawaiian? It's one of the languages I want to study because I really love Hawaii and the language, but I'm having trouble finding good resources. I've started out on Youtube and can't find much else.

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Oh I need the answer to this too. I find the language so beautiful and intriguing. I don't really need to learn it formally but I would love to learn a few words and phrases. It sounds difficult but also fluid and melodious.  :love: I'll be checking in on this thread from time to time. Hopefully someone can give some good online sources.

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I have an old book with Hawaiian phrases in it around somewhere. ButI'm not sure where the book is and I can't really recommend any sites to learn Hawaiian with. Too bad, since I agree that it's an interesting language and worthy of more study.

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I thought I'd update this thread with some links I've found to be helpful with learning Hawaiian.

These are really helpful because the word lists either have audio or they're spelled out phonetically.






More words and expressions (sadly no audio/phonetic spelling)




This has a lot of tips and easily explains about the alaphabet, symbols, syllables etc. And it has audio on how to pronounce vowels. http://www.instanthawaii.com/cgi-bin/hi?Language

Youtube videos:

(class 1 in a series of classes)

&list=PLGYhxoS_Bzi7sB25ryztVSg4vt3feGkEo (a playlist)

http://oleloonline.com/coursework-index/ Haven't looked at this one much but it's supposed to be like an online classroom for Hawaiian, with videos and audio and also has media like newspaper articles and books.

This has a lot of info on Hawaii http://www.oiwi.tv/naloea/

I'll update as I find more :)

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