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再作馮婦 (Zài zuò féng fù)


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再作馮婦 (Zài zuò féng fù) - Get back into old business.

Literal meaning - To become Féng fù again.

Once upon a time, there once was a famous hunter by the name of "馮婦"(Féng fù). He was an expert in hunting tigers. One day, he decided to retire from hunting because he thought that hunting tigers was too cruel. He changed to another career selling vegetables at the market. One day, a rich man approached Féng fù hoping that he would help him hunt a tiger for its skin. Féng fù refused no matter how much money the rich man offered. Suddenly, an old man was attacked by a tiger. Féng fù immediately intervened and chased the tiger away. The rich man accused Féng fù of pretending making Féng fù angry saying that he only attacked the tiger to save the old man. Féng fù then chased the rich man away as well.

再作馮婦 (Zài zuò féng fù) means getting back to the business that was once left.


"你之前不是已經辭職了嗎? 幹嘛又「再作馮婦」從事故業?"

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