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意氣揚揚 (Yìqì yángyáng)


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意氣揚揚 (Yìqì yángyáng) - Too proud.

Literal meaning - Emotion skyrocketting.

During the Spring and Autumn period was a good Prime Minister. He had a driver that was arrogant. The driver thought that just because his boss was the Prime Minister, he could just drive his carriage recklessly. One day the driver nearly ran over an old man, the Prime Minister got off the carriage and helped the old man while the driver watched with no remorse. At night when the driver came home he saw that his wife was leaving him. It turned out that his wife saw what he did at the market and felt disappointed hence wanted to leave. The driver felt bad and pleaded his wife not to leave while promising to change. From that day onwards, the driver became a different person. He changed for the good and became a humble and polite person.

意氣揚揚 (Yìqì yángyáng) means someone that is too proud of himself just because he/she achieved something great.


"原來你贏了比賽難怪你「意氣揚揚」的. 不過要記住, 做人要謙虛一點比較好."

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