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虎口餘生 (Hǔkǒu yúshēng)


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虎口餘生 (Hǔkǒu yúshēng) - Escape from death.

Literal meaning - Survived from the tiger's mouth.

Once upon a time, there was a man who chopped woods for a living. Everyday he has to go throug the forest in order to do business. One day while he was passing through a tiger jumped on him. He ran and the tiger gave chase. He then reached a temple and tiger caught him. The deity inside saw what was happening and knew that the man was a filial son. He intervened and pulled the man out of the tiger's mouth and chased the tiger away. The man was saved.

虎口餘生 (Hǔkǒu yúshēng) means to escape from certain death.



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