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Will you teach your kids?


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I've read somewhere in the internet that multilingualism definitely gives the brain a workout even at the earliest stage of mental growth (during infancy). It "physically" reshapes the patterns at which the brain is able to function.

With this information, I would most definitely try to teach the next generation more than one language that I am able to learn. Whether or not this works, at least they are given the privilege to learn several languages as they grow up  :wink:

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I am trying to do so now and have been trying for a few years. It's hard to get my kids interested in language learning because it's not a big focus in school and I think they have a hard time seeing the value right now in learning another language. When they were really young, I tried language playgroups but they few words they learned there have long been forgotten. I am trying now to practice conversation every day with them and teaching some vocabulary here and there.

Here's an idea for getting your children to become interested in other languages.

Introduce them to songs and movies in other languages. If the songs and movies are interesting, your children will want to learn the language in the songs and movies. I had one student who was an X-Japan fan and she learned, on her own, enough Japanese to understand the X-Japan songs.

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