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Any native Korean speakers who can give me some advice?


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So I'm going to explain this briefly.  My girlfriend lives in South Korea and she is in High School.  Recently she talked to me about the Korean SATs.  She told me they were different from American SATs.  Can anyone who went to High School in South Korea confirm this?

Also if it's not too much trouble can someone give me information about that because my plan was to help her through it, but since it is different from American SATs I might have some trouble helping her prepare.

Thanks in advance!

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CSAT and SAT aren't too different. I published CSAT books and I have worked as an English teacher at a high school in South Korea.

If you are talking about the subject 'English', there is no big difference between SAT and CSAT. However, your gf should memorize difficult English words if she wants to pass the exam and enter a great university. Many English speakers also cannot get 100 scores on CSAT, (but, i got 100 scores). Cheer up

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Thank you very much, Joo Yeon.  I wasn't aware of the name, CSAT, but I looked up the subjects she expected to take for the exam.  Math B seems more difficult than the Math I remember taking on the SAT.  I don't see many major differences expect more foreign languages and social subjects offered.  Also, if it's not too much trouble could you tell a CSAT book you have published via here or private message?  I'm curious about that.  Thank you for the tips, too.  I'll try to think of some difficult English words ranking from moderately difficult to super duper difficult, lol.  I know I'm late in congratulating, but congrats on such a high score!

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One of the major differences between the Korean SAT and American SAT is the length of the exam. Here in America, the SAT exam is roughly 4 hours, whereas the Korean SAT is an all day event. From what I remember, the exam starts around 8 or 9 in the morning and finishes around 5 or 6 PM. It's roughly an 8 hour exam. 

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