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雞犬升天 (Jīquǎnshēngtiān)


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雞犬升天 (Jīquǎnshēngtiān) - Benefit from knowing someone influential.

Literal meaning - Chicken and Dog ascend into heaven.

During the Han dynasty, there was this Emperor's brother that loved to research on how to become a deity. One day, a real deity appeared and warned him that the Emperor had ordered for his arrest citing that he was planning a coup. He begged the deity for a solution so the deity told him to bury his gold under a tree and pray there. The gold turned to a gourd and inside it were magical pills. The Emperor's brother quickly swallowed one. When the guards were about to caught him, he levitated to the sky. While at it, he accidentally dropped the magical pills. A chicken and a dog happened to be around and ate the pills and they too ascended into the heavens.

This story is a folklore. The Emperor's brother actually committed suicide.

雞犬升天 (Jīquǎnshēngtiān) means people who know influential people is benefited as well.


"你的哥哥當了官. 你肯定「雞犬升天」, 大把好處!"

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