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唇亡齒寒 (Chúnwángchǐhán)


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唇亡齒寒 (Chúnwángchǐhán) - Linked.

Literal meaning - Lips gone, teeth cold.

During the Spring and Autumn Period, Jin is plotting to attack other kingdoms. Guo was chosen so Jin plotted to borrow the path from Yu. Yu King was a greedy person and easily bought so he agreed. Yu's adviser objected to the idea because he knew that if Guo fell so will Yu because Yu stood in between Jin and Guo. Yu King refused to listen and went ahead. Jin succeeded in conquering Guo and while at it attacked Yu on their way back. In the end, Jin took over both Yu and Guo.

唇亡齒寒 (Chúnwángchǐhán) means to be linked to each other. Anything happens to one of them, the other is affected as well.


"如果蒙古滅了金國他們就會攻打我們大宋. 正所謂「唇亡齒寒」我們不能答應借道. 皇上請三思."

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