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I'm the kind of person who loves using smileys when writing, because I believe there is no better way to express some things than using a smiley or ''emoticon''.  Plus, I'm not that god with writing and I really need to expand my vocabulary, hehehehe!  So I really need to use smileys as a support when chatting with relatives or friends :)  Plus in my opinion they make the conversation look and feel nicer, don't you think?

I know some people who never use smileys when texting or sending mails, that confuses me a little, because when they type something I'm not sure if they said with a happy or sad tone (if that makes any sense, lol?).  I guess some people don't see the need to use smileys, but I do!  I often take them as an indicator of the persons mood and even personality when we just met.

Do you like to use smileys when chatting with friends or family? For example when you use Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp? If you don't... what's your reason not to?

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I too like to use smileys when I write :cool:, although not often as I could. Smileys seem to tell your present mood and adds confirmation to what you write :cool:. Sometimes I'll write with no thought of using smileys then when I read over I just have to put those smileys in the correct spaces to add value to what I write :smile:.

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Ah, smileys make my world go round. Quick, we need to insert a grinning world smiley.  :wink:

I think all these little emoticons are a wonderful invention to add a bit of fun and soul to online conversations. I actually find myself using them in handwritten letters as well. Only they look much better than the standard lot.  :wacky:

I can tell the mood of my friends immediately by the abundance or lack of smileys that they use.

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For me, it really depends on the kind of discussion that I am having. When I'm having a pretty professional type of conversation then I will never use smileys. However, when I'm chatting with friends and family members, I will throw in a smiley occasionally.

I particularly think this one is cute:  :wacky:

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For me, it depends on the context. If I'm chatting casually with friends and family then I would definitely use smileys. I do think smileys add another dimension to a conversation, since you can only convey so much on a device.

At the same time, for more serious conversations it would be wise not to indulge in too many smileys.  :smile:

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