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因噎廢食 (Yīnyēfèishí)


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因噎廢食 (Yīnyēfèishí) - Avoid doing the right thing.

Literal meaning - Due to choking, stops eating.

Once upon a time there lived a mandarin. One day the mandarin organized a feast. While he was eating he choked on a drumstick. No matter what his friends did, they could not get it out until one of them suggested to cut open his throat to get it out. The mandarin was so scared he tripped and the drumstick fell out. After the dreaded experience, he had decided that eating was hazardous to humans so he banned everyone under his ruie from eating. A few days later, his guards reported to him that many people have collapsed due to famine. Even the mandarin himself fell to hunger. In the end, he had no choice but to cancel out the ban and allowed everyone to eat.

因噎廢食 (Yīnyēfèishí) means because something bad happened, the person refuses to do the right thing.


"就因為給車撞過, 你以後就「因噎廢食」, 不再出外面?"

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