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What do you think of this new language learning tool?


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Hi !

I'm on a team of people creating a new website called lingocracy.com

We are trying to change the way people learn languages, by promoting the idea that you can learn by reading things that actually interest you!

We have tons of short stories/news articles/full novels/fables in a number of languages and for different levels, so you can find exactly what you want.

We're still building the site and are constantly trying to improve it. I would so appreciate you checking out the website and letting us know what you think/if you have any suggestions!

(you have to create an account because the website tracks your progress/vocabulary, but it's free and only takes a few seconds)


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I haven't joined it, but from reading what it is, it honestly sounds like it's very much like another website with a similar name. I'm not sure if that's really the method for me. I've tried the other one where it highlights words and such, and it just didn't seem like I was getting a lot from it.

Is it all free or is there a limit to what's free and then you have to pay later? Maybe I'll check it out when I'm feeling up to trying it, but not really sure if it will benefit my learning.

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If this actually free (unlike English central) and it offers audio, then I must say this is a brilliant web site.  I just checked the web site and it look promising.  I might subscribe later on, because I truly need to improve my English vocabulary and pronunciation.  Hopefully this web site will be helpful, plus it's always nice to learn new things!

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I heard about this website elsewhere but at the time I drew away from it since the only language that I found which was relevant to what i'm learning right now (Korean), was Japanese. But now i'm going through the website again and I see there are some reading lists for it.

I've yet to look at the korean lists but i'll give you feedback when I do!

On another note - It'll go well if it becomes popular and then it'll become a wide source of reading material for all types of languages.

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Oh wow, this is such a great idea and I can't wait to sign up. I'm sure this will really help my learning progress as I would love to read magazines or interesting books in Portuguese but I don't know where to start. This will solve that problem! :)

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