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  1. You can try this website vocabulary.com it is very useful and interactive and you will be able to save your progress and they introduce new words according to your progress as well. Check it out!
  2. Can anyone name a few good french movies to watch for the purpose of learning the language as well as have some fun.
  3. Firs of all, wrong section to post the topic mate, this one is to introduce yourself. Anyone, I've learned English and some Hindi and Arabic. I knew Urdu by birth and later Punjabi too because it was the language of the place where I grew up.
  4. Hello Mercedes, nice name Welcome to the linguaholic community, I hope you find it easier to learn new languages here. Cheers!
  5. I studies Arabic in 6th or 7th grade I think, back then I just studies enough to pass the exam I guess, but now I do want to learn the language.
  6. That's great. I'd be glad to talk some french and learn some as well from you. As I know very little.
  7. Hello there, welcome to the community. And good luck with your learning of German, I hear it is a tough one. Have fun on linguaholic.
  8. I don't know about those but I know our national language Urdu was also developed recently in the past few centuries here in the sub-continent. And its one of the most spoken language in the worlds now, I think it is in the 4th place.
  9. Can you name a few movies so I can watch them too, I'm very much interested in learning french too, I hope to find some good french movies with English subtitles.
  10. I've not heard about it at all, can you post a demo or something, that would really be great.
  11. Can you share the titles of those books? Some more information about the resources would really be helpful.
  12. I think its also same with Urdu and Punjabi too, though I guess it will be present in all the languages as well, of course most of the words has to have a gender one way or another, but yes, it is more common in Urdu and Hindi as well as Punjabi languages.
  13. Hello Goncalo, welcome to the linguaholic community, I'm learning french as well so maybe we could have a talk about it in the forums and see where we stand, Have fun.
  14. It would have help if you could have posted this in English or you should have posted this in the Spanish forum.
  15. Oh its on tumbler, if you want your own website, I can help you with that, I'm a web developer. You'll be able to earn some money with it as well, and also you'll have better command over how it looks and works. Let me know if you are interested.
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