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Basic Prepositions


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Thanks a lot, honestly!  That graphic is just brilliant!!!!!  If only I could find a poster version with that very same image I would be so happy.  Most schools where English is taught should have this, for real! I actually saved this image :)  Will surely come in handy... as a reference ;)  I often have issues with prepositions, no matter how much I practice and practice, I guess I need to get a poster like this and put it on my wall!

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Great graphic Shamzblueworld. We all need to remind ourselves sometimes. It really xplains it all. Even a little kid could get it :smile:.

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Helpful post. I am really having a hard time choosing and using the appropriate prepositions. It's the part of speech I am weakest. And now that I've found this post, I am going to make it as my quick reference every time that I would needing an aid to preposition usage.

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