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Has anyone had experience learning Icelandic? If so, what materials did you use? I've heard there is a good website made by the Icelandic government but I can't seem to find it now. Also If you've ever been to Iceland what is it like speaking with natives, are they likely to just respond in English when they can hear an accent?

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I'm not studying Icelandic yet but I really want to in the future, it's a beautiful language and I love to listen to Icelandic songs (one of my favorite songs right now is the Icelandic version of "You can't take me" from the movie Spirit :D).

I don't know of any good resources though, I've just seen some sites and youtube videos when googling something about Icelandic. 

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I wanted to learn Icelandic when I was 16 years old, as well as old Norse, which is almost the same, lol.  i mean, they are related, and I believe Icelandic retains a lot characteristics of its ancestor, unlike the other Scandinavian languages.  Icelandic is one of the hardest Scandinavian languages out there, mostly because it looks a lot like old Norse!  Dang!

Good luck trying to learn that, would love to hear your reason to do so, I bet is hella good! Back in the day, when I wanted to learn Icelandic there were several free materials online, sadly not enough.  Not sure right now, but you could try searching at Unilang.

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The government website to learn Icelandic for free that one of you mentioned:


Great learning materials with audio free online:


Videos in Icelandic with subtitles for learners - GREAT free resource:


Other courses in Iceland (including other Icelandic courses):


You can thank me later  :cool:

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wow goncalo, did not know you could learn icelandic that easily! It is on my list of languages. I love the scenery of the land of ice and fire, however, I have not studied it enough. On my schedule!

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