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Dream of the Red Chamber Translation?

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I want to read the 'four classics' of Chinese literature, but I don't speak Chinese! I'm trying to track down the best translations of the texts. So far I've conquered Journey to the West, and next on my list is Dream of the Red Chamber (sometimes translated as Dream of the Red Mansion) I was wondering if anyone could help...Even if you don't know of a good specific translation, are there any tips or tricks to choosing a good Chinese to English translation of a novel that I should know about? Thanks guys:)

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Tips for choosing a good translation of a novel should be the same for any language, if I am honest. You should just research the different versions of it. Look at ones that have many reviews, preferably highly rated reviews. There should be some that are pretty popular and they're usually popular for a reason. It should be translated by someone or a company that knows the material well. If the blogs and reviews go crazy for the version, it's probably a good sign for it. :smile:

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