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Learning Hebrew by Song


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A great way to learn Hebrew (or any language) is to be able to hear, visualize and speak the language as much as you can. I'm currently learning Hebrew, and I found that the best way to learn it, is by singing songs that I already know in English and connecting the words together. So far, I've been practicing two songs that are sung in Hebrew, but it contains the Hebrew, pronunciation and transliteration for those who are learning!

Here are great examples of songs that can help you learn Hebrew!

There are more examples out there, but these are just a couple that I'm personally working on.

What songs are you working on to learn Hebrew? Or, what songs would you like to work on to learn Hebrew?

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I like religious songs in Hebrew mostly, because I already recognize several words, but I also like to listen to modern Hebrew music.  I like singers like Ishtar & Sarit Hadad.  I still listen to them even tho I'm no longer studying Hebrew as actively as I did before (studying dutch right now). 

I like listening to music in Hebrew, I still recognize some words when I hear them in the songs,  songs in Hebrew are a great supporting material to learn the language.  I'd do the same with dutch, but that language is so hard to understand and pronounce!  I'd rather have to learn Hebrew instead of dutch, but it is like it is.

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Now that I'm learning Hebrew more and more each day, I am the same way. When I hear certain songs, I can just understand a little bit each time of what they are saying. Especially being religious and conducting Friday Night Sabbath prayers, connecting a lot of the words together and figuring out how structures go is extremely helpful to pick up.

It's great that you use the same method to keep studying Hebrew without meaning to study! It's definitely a really nice way to keep that spark alive if you ever wanted to come back to it; you already know that it wouldn't be difficult to remember certain phrases, words and sentence structures. :)

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I'm currently living with the Jewish part of my family, and we all go to Temple every Friday. I was surprised to learn how much of it was actually involving of singing. Suffice it to say, I learned more words through listening to the music than when they were speaking in the language without melodies. It seems like I'm learning it far more slowly than other languages, but that's mostly because I end up caught in enjoying listening to it.

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