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How important was your English exam to you?


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In the past, back when I was still in high school and then college afterwards I never really cared much about English exam. I only really aimed to pass just so I could finish my course and start working.

But nowadays students in my country are so worried about not having a good English result because they think it makes their opportunities for jobs less than the other. I believe one of the reason they are thinking that way is because employers tend to carry out interviews in English language today so not being able to speak well and having bad result would be quite a bad impression at first meeting.

Did you take your English exam seriously and expected a very good result in the past? Did you think that it would get you a much better job than people who are considered poor in the language?

Share your views, opinions, and experiences :) thanks.

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Very important, because more than the grade, it's the mastery of the language that is being tested. It's where my grades were dependent on and whether I would be able to study in my dream school. Moreover, it offers a lot of opportunities to travel and work abroad. It's also the current international language, so somehow it's going to pay off almost everywhere you go, not certainly though.

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I really didn't think too much about it, because I knew I was quite good at it and I also knew I'd not need to study for the test either. I finished most of my education in an open system, so I really enjoyed my English tests, because I knew I'd be able to ace them. 

Yeah, back then I had a lot confidence in myself, it was wonderful!  I wish I could have some of that back!  Those tests were really important to me, because I had to pass them in the first 3 tries! Or else I had to wait a bit try again.

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In high school I cared a lot for my marks, the english mark included.

I did manage to get an A, aswell as a scholarship for extraordinary language skills... So I guess I was successful.

It also seems like I will be getting a B or A in English now during senior high too, even if I just work on the knowledge i already have, and don't care much about the exams nor the assignments.

I don't think it will make a differance to my future really, I'm thinking of becoming a librarian, and I don't think librarians need to have some super-duper english knowledge... I suppose it could be good, if I was working in some city where lots of people didn't know Swedish, but apart from that I don't think that my employer will check my english mark or anything... But I could be wrong, I guess.

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Years ago when I was in high school there was a lot of focus on English Language and this has become even greater today. Students who think the subject is their weak point usually take extra classes just to make certain that they do well in the exams. Fortunately for me I was able to perform well in class and did not need extra classes. I practiced what I learnt in class and got great result and even went on to do the language in another proficiency.

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