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  1. :wacky: Thanks and I appreciate your suggestion. I would definitely love to make a longer quiz so it's great to get more ideas from others here. I admit in/on/at do sometimes or always get me too so I have to keep double checking it with my husband when I'm writing.
  2. Thank you so much Those suggestion are indeed very good and I appreciate it so much. I do plan to make more quizzes but I didn't have anymore idea so thanks again.
  3. The last time I practiced my basic French was 2 years ago when my French friend was over. It was so much fun when you can practice with a native speaker of the language you are learning.
  4. My mother tongue language is spoken in few dialects but we all understand each other when talking even though we are using our own dialects. I sometimes ask about words I've never heard before then I'll try using them when I'm communicating with people of different dialects. Most of the time they will correct me if I was using the words wrong so that way I can learn more easily. Communicating is the only way to learn different dialects of one language since they are not on dictionaries.
  5. Dusun is the language of Dusun-Kadazan tribe from South East Borneo. This tribe is the biggest population in Sabah, Malaysia. You are right about the way to pronounce "kau".
  6. Thanks to both of you. This is my first baby so I really have no experience when it comes to teaching languages to baby. My husband can only speak one language and in My family I'm the only one who speak 3 languages so I really have no one from either sides to ask an opinion from or share an experience with.
  7. I never used Google Translate to communicate with a friend because I know when it comes with translating a long sentence, it can't really translate it well and sometimes the translation can be awkward. But I still use it every other day to translate a single word especially when I'm writing.
  8. Thank you so much, I appreciate your thought. I agree that there are many people who forgot the basic as soon as they left school, not just for languages but also for other subjects. As for me, I stopped caring about History after I finished school even though I used to get high scores in exams :wacky:
  9. Like most people say, having at least few same interests is definitely important when you planning to learn a language this way. Otherwise it would be very difficult to maintain the relationship. Personally I think it is a good idea, more fun, and inexpensive rather than going for the costly language tuition out there.
  10. No haha :wacky: instead of trying better to remember what I dislike, my husband preferred to remember the word that made him laughed. So every time I tell him again, he will tease me using the word to stop me from nagging :wacky:
  11. When I'm learning and practicing a new language then I will usually listen to a song in the language. I will pick a song I like (If I don't have any then I will just simply search and download them from the Internet), get the lyrics from the Internet too then start practicing on the pronunciation along with the song. I have tried learning Hebrew and that was exactly what I did but I gave up in the end because I had no one to communicate with in Hebrew so I can master the language :wacky:
  12. I agree with you and I have seen a lot of people making the same mistake. Ie and ei are too easy to not be noticed though unless you have a spelling check or somebody to point you the mistake. When I'm typing I tend to spell the word with ie as well even though I know the spelling is wrong but it's just that my fingers are so used to going from ie instead of ei.
  13. I haven't seen them in any book stores here in my town so I haven't bought or tried them yet but looking at its title it seems like a good starter for a beginner. I always think book like this is always better than a dictionary.
  14. I like this one, it's so simple and easy. To say "I'm Yours" in Malay is "Aku Milik Kau". But in my mother tongue language (Dusun), it sounds a bit awkward and long to me. It goes: "Ika Sanganu Dogo"
  15. When I was still in school, cursive writing used to be one of my favourite and many of my school mates. But nowadays, I rarely see students hand write and I'm not sure if they are now all typing at school. Even a lot of kids nowadays know how to type before they can hand write properly.
  16. This is what I actually had to do when I first started learning English. Other than writing short stories I was also asked by my teacher to write letters, emails, and also attempted to get me to write a song which turned out to be very funny and sounded very stupid
  17. Wow I just had a few most annoying conversations ever in my life. I'm a Malaysian, my husband is a Scottish, and we have one young daughter who just turned 6 months yesterday. With that said, my husband's native language is English, my native language is Dusun, but in my country, Malay is a national language. Family members from my side keep on pushing me to speak to her in Dusun so she knows how to speak the language and family members from his side keep pushing me to speak to her in Malay so she knows how to speak the language too. But both my husband and I communicate to her in English. I mean this is so tiring. As a mother of course I want the best for her, but planning is also important. There is no wrong to teach her the languages one by one instead of making her brain goes upside down. I know they all care but sometimes I feel like being pushed to do what they want instead of what my husband and I want. If you came from an inter-racial family then how do you decide which first language to teach to your baby? Or if there is another language you want your kid to master then will you teach them right away or will you wait until your kid has mastered your native?
  18. Samon makes me think of a name Simon. I hope this will be removed though because this is one of the reasons why teaching English is difficult :wacky:
  19. If you buy those pirated DVDs then you will see most of the translation are either wrong or completely messed up (the words in a sentence are not in order) so yes I have noticed a lot. It can really be annoying especially for the person who is relying on the subtitles to understand a movie.
  20. Before I came to understand all about these shortcuts which I never tried using until today, I used to correct people because I thought they simply didn't know how to spell "great" so they made up "gr8" to make the sounds and so I understood what they were trying to say. I had been trying to correct them without knowing that I had been the one who was being stupid because then I got corrected back
  21. Can somebody explain to me why the "L" in Salmon is supposed to be silent? And why does it need to be there if it is not needed? If the "A" is supposed to be pronounced longer then why is it not "AA" or at least with an apostrophe that shows it needs to be pronounced longer?
  22. One of my favourite in Malay language goes: Ku kikis kikis kuku kakiku, kakak ku kata kuku kaki ku kaku (I scrapped my toenails because my sister said they are ugly)
  23. Just like everyone else this is the first time I've heard about this other pronunciation of nuclear. Even though I heard somebody saying the word that way in the past but that was because the guy wasn't an English speaker and he had a hard time pronouncing the word correctly.
  24. Cursing in my husband's language is one thing I try to avoid so much when I'm angry because I tend to say words in a very wrong way when I'm angry I also speak so fast when I'm arguing that makes the talking becomes even worse.
  25. Other people can't really guess where I'm from by listening to my accent to be honest but I can easily guess where someone is from based on the way their accent sounds like when they are speaking English. I used to work in a tourism so I have met so many people from different countries and had the opportunity to get to know them better than before I started working.
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