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Picking it up Again

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So I had to stray away from learning for quite a few months and am looking into picking back up again. My question is how would you all pick up again if you had to and if you have before, what did you do to get back on track? I remember almost all of the Hiragana and Katakana and maybe 2-6 Kanji (thank you kanjiDamage) as well as some conversational Japanese but I am also curious if any new products that are blowing away the competition have come out in the time that I have been gone. Any input?

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Well, it's hard for us to tell since we don't really know what resources you used in the past, nor on what level you are. (Even if you know very few Kanji, maybe you've studied particles and grammar to no end...)

I don't think there has been any revolution for the past months as far as japanese learning goes, all the resources I am using and plan to use, are atleast a few years old.

I suggest simply going through what you did when you started out, if you read a grammar book, go through it very quickly and see what you remember of it, and re-read the parts that you don't remember.

Make sure to download Anki flashcards if you haven't already, and get the katakana/hiragana deck with voices, to make sure you know all of the kana.

If you really need some grammar resource, as I've recommended in many other threads: I suggest reading Japanese The Manga Way (It's not some sloppy shit for people who are obsessed with Japan, it's just a "typical" grammar book that uses Manga in it's examples, which I really like myself. Around 300 pages or something. Basic level/for complete beginners) and Tae Kim's guide.

As far as kanji goes... Just start all over again. If you remember any of them, awesome, but since you said you only remember a few, I wouldn't bet on it.

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