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Too vs also?


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I don't know when too should be used and not also, and vice versa. I decide by pure guess only, if not then I would have to say the whole sentence and then decide with one that sounds better when used.

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Too and Also pretty much mean the same thing and they are used interchangeable. I tend to use 'also' when 'too' doesn't fit so well in the sentence placement. So, it sounds like you are doing pretty well, 003, with going on instinct.

Saying a sentence out loud to see how it sounds is always a good thing to do as well. I do that ALL the time when I am writing. I'll say it out loud and I'll also step back for a minute and then go back and read my sentence or paragraph and see if I can improve it.

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I think you can include "as well" in this group right?

I usually use these words when I think the other one fits better on my sentences better than the other. I don't see much differences in these words and I have always wondered why English have few words with the same meaning. It's just complicating the language in my opinion.

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Well, I think "as well" should be included like the person above me suggested. The thing is "too" can do the work of "as well" and "also" but both can't replace "too" totally  as "too" could also mean "very".

Personally, I tend to use "as well" for comparism, and "too" for "very" or something like that and "also" to add more point to a previous discussion. I often start a new discussion with "also" and use "as well" inbetween sentences or end of sentences.

I believe the usage of the three words is a matter of choice, but one or two of them always fit in well in some situations.

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