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Comprehensive lists of idioms?


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Do you guys know of any lists of commonly used Chinese idioms? I've found a couple lists here and there via google, but I haven't seen any kind of compilation list that has "everything". Something like a wiki would probably be perfect as it would mean that people can contribute as they learn/encounter new ones...

Anything out there?

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This is a fairly comprehensive list of chengyu 成語 but the website is entirely in simplified Chinese. While being comprehensive it does require a high level of Chinese in order to read it. It does however list transcribe the idioms in pinyin. The explanations provided are in fairly advanced Chinese.


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I don't understand a word of Chinese, but I came across with the following site which Google description says to have a compilation of Chinese idioms, but you or someone who can read Chinese may tell if it's true or not. Possible it is based on the above link, but his has not advetising,


Another I can read because comes with English explanation is here, http://people.wku.edu/haiwang.yuan/China/proverbs/y.html

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