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Questionnaire about English Accents


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Hello. My name is Blake. I'm doing research for my MA dissertation in English language teaching and applied linguistics. It's about accents. I'd like your help filling out my questionnaire if you have time. That would mean listening to a few short recordings and answering some questions about the speaker's accents. It should take between 5 and 10 minutes.


And please pass the link on to anyone who speaks English reasonably well.

The online questionnaire is here:



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Very interesting!  I wasn't sure about some of the accents you guys used, I wish you could have used males instead of females, for some reason it's harder for me to pick the accents right with females.  I'd dare to say tho, that some of those females had a different native tongue, was kinda hard to tell tho, but they way they pronounced some words was a dead giveaway.  It was very fun, thanks!

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