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  1. I agree with the OP 100 percent. English is one of the easiest languages to learn simply because ae are surrounded by it. It doesn't really matter where you are in the world, you are more than likely to come across English in your everyday life.
  2. I personally prefer learning a new language at my own pace. Although I will admit that a tutor would probably help a lot. I still would prefer to learn by myself though as I won't feel rushed and I also won't have to spend any money.
  3. When every am having a tough time studying, I always remind myself why I started learning a new language in the first place, and that is to speak with my aging grandfather who only knows Spanish. I don't know how much time he has left so that usually motivates me to study.
  4. Learning sign language has always crossed my mind, but for whatever reason I just haven't committed from actually learning it. I took a small after school course when I was in high school, but that only lasted 2 weeks so I was really able to learn sign language in its entirety.
  5. The English word that I always have a bit of trouble spelling is the word experience. For whatever reason I always forget how to spell it. Even just now I had to use spellcheck lol. I don't use the word "experience" that much so maybe that is why I always forget how to spell it.
  6. Rosa is right. I will try to give a couple of more example for you. Examples for when to use "Whether" "I don't know whether to wear my shoes or my boots." "Whether you like it or not, you have to go to school." Examples for when to use "If" "I am not sure if I can do that." "If you go to the concert, you will have to take your little brother."
  7. This thread just gave a little bit more motivation to learn Spanish. I have been teaching my self a little Spanish everyday for the past few months and I haven't really made to much progress. I think it is time to put my Spanish lessons into overdrive.
  8. I always had trouble with this word when I was growing up. I actually use to spell it "definately" until I found out that was the wrong way to spell it. Even to this day when I use the word "Definitely" I double check that I spelled it right.
  9. When it comes to Spanish, my pronunciation is my weakest point. Sometimes I have a bit of a hard time pronouncing some Spanish words correctly simply because they require a certain dialect and technique. I have been getting better though, with a bit more practice I am sure that I will be ok.
  10. What motivates me the most to learn a new language is the fact that I am acquiring a new skill that has the potential to open doors for me as far as jobs go. There are a lot of employers in my area that would rather hire someone who is bilingual than a person that only speaks English.
  11. This is interesting. What kind of information does this test require? I am more than willing to help out but I am unsure if this is some sort of virus or something.
  12. Like a lot of people on this thread, I have never really lot put that much thought into this sort of thing. I would probably say the table is set on the floor. I also don't see any problem with saying the table stands on the floor.
  13. I was also taught cursive when I was in school. I recently just found out that my younger brother doesn't even know cursive and that the school he goes to doesn't even teach cursive to the students. I found this a bit odd as I think cursive is something everyone should learn.
  14. Like I have mentioned before in similar threads, I try to stay away from Google translate. I have noticed that it isn't very accurate at translating some Spanish words. I'll stick with a Spanish to English dictionary for now as Spanish is the language that I am most interested in at the moment.
  15. I personally try not to use Google Translate that much. I have found that it isn't very accurate at translating some Spanish words. I have a Spanish to English dictionary that I bought a couple of months back and it is working wonders for me. It even has some pictures that help me remember words a little better.
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