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  1. Why couldn't you? If you want to learn Greek in that time frame you should be able to providing you work consistently and diligently at it. You want to write a letter, not the next great novel.
  2. Its interesting the number of times that I have thought about taking it, ruled it out only to have a situation come up where I needed to know ASL. I think it would be fascinating to be an interpreter and I doubt that there would be a shortage of work for me.
  3. If I work as hard as I can and I still can't seem to learn a language then I don't consider it a failure. Sometimes we run into things that simply won't compute in our minds.
  4. I have tried it both ways and I am not sure of the difference. The main thing for me is to get immersed in the language and be able to speak it as much as possible.
  5. I never thought that I would need to use it very much but lately it has come up a lot. I regret not having learned it on those moments, even just the basics would have helped me.
  6. Furniture gives us the option of something to sit down on or the option to not have anything to sit or lie down on. Its there if we need it and can be removed if we don't need it.
  7. I actually would have use for it not only in my personal life but also professionally. There is a shortage of interpreters so I know that I would not lack for work in doing signing.
  8. I am weighing my options for whether or not I want to enroll in the fall at a local college to learn American Sign Language. I've dabbled in it in the past and think it would be fascinating to learn it. Have you ever considered doing something like that?
  9. By learning a language now I greatly improve my marketability in terms of employment. I enjoy language anyway but the increased earnings really serve as a motivator.
  10. I generally stay away from the how to books, they really don't seem to help me all that much. I learn some of the written Spanish in the book but not all that well.
  11. In the US there a staggering number of accents and dialects even in a little state like I live in. I was born in the Midwest and grew up on the east coast so I am blended but many have picked out the Midwesterner in my accent.
  12. I had never heard of fictional languages before and was puzzled by the thread until I read through. I was never very much into Star Trek so I really haven't paid much attention to their language. For the people who are fans I think it would be a fun thing if you had others involved in the learning process. Otherwise why bother with it?
  13. When I am motivated in anything I can easily stay focused on what it is that I am trying to do. With learning a language it will improve the quality of life for me because my employability will improve as will my salary.
  14. My best learning comes when I combine various methods of self teaching combined with immersion in the language. With the Spanish I am fortunate that I can be in a Hispanic area and be surrounded by people only speaking Spanish.
  15. It takes as long is it takes, everyone learns at a different level and speed. The more that you are able to immerse yourself in it and surround yourself with it the faster the process will go.
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