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Free Online Portuguese Learning Tools


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Use this topic to share any links for online tools to learn Portuguese, both European and American. Please add the link followed by the variant it helps teach. If you can add a summary of what it is, or your own experience using it, even better!

Here's a couple to get the ball rolling!

http://www.learn-portuguese-now.com/ - an interesting repository of links and hints for anyone trying to learn American (Brazilian) Portuguese.

http://www.101languages.net/portuguese/ - this is a great website for learning languages; this is their Portuguese entry.

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Duolingo offers a Portuguese (I think it's only Brazilian) course for English speakers. In my opinion, it's the best site to learn the basics of a language. Link: https://www.duolingo.com/course/pt/en/Learn-Portuguese-Online

Livemocha is a Social network and was acquired by Rosetta Stone recently. Link: http://livemocha.com/pages/languages/learn-portuguese-brazil/ (American Portuguese)

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This looks very interesting:


I had quite a bit of success when I tried to learn Italian with audiotapes. And I didn't even tried that much...

I guess this must be useful, but I haven't really tried the product.

It costs about 50$, but it seems that you can have it for free with a Audible trial account!

I have used Audible, and that I can recommend. I also took advantage of their free audiobook with a trial account, so...

If you want to learn Portuguese, you should really take advantage of this.

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Practice Portuguese: podcasts and videos for those who prefer to listen to European Portuguese. https://www.practiceportuguese.com/

In this other link http://www.linguasnet.com/lessons/home_pt.html there are 14 lessons (basic level), each of them having 5 parts: vocabulary, dialogue, exercises, listen and repeat and games. European Portuguse as well.

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