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The motivation to learn a language by yourself

Dora M

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Are you motivated enough to learn a language by yourself? I started learning Spanish with the help of audio tapes, books and plenty of online resources. I also met a person on a language exchange website with whom I have been meeting regularly on Skype to chat in Spanish and German.

I am self-motivated by nature, so it wasn't hard for me. I continue to improve my Spanish language skills on a daily basis by reading, singing and talking in that great language. How about you?

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I was in the past, after all  learnt English all on my own.  It was easier than I ever thought t would be (I've told the story several times already, but oh well, lol). I was 16 when I started learning English online, all I used was yahoo chats and the e-mail.  I wasn't really motivated to learn anything, I mean, I didn't even plan it; it just happened.

I know it sounds weird, but I just followed the flow.  Right now I have to learn dutch on my own and to be honest I'm not feeling so motivated :(  I really want to and need to learn it, but I barely have anytime and if I do I feel so tired and don't feel like sitting thru 30 full minutes of the course + plus the time it takes me to take notes.

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Unfortunately, I am not as self motivated as you are. I always prefer a group setting for whatever I am studying. However, I always do well even if I study on my own. I am just not easily motivated when I have to do it by myself.

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I started classes about a month ago but I still do a lot outside of class and I do something everyday.

Before class I had already started to teach myself.

I use a range of methods and I am always keen to try out new methodologies.

Also, this is my first post so hey everybody!

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