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Looking for someone to help me learn to speak the Laotion language!


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The only language I am fluent in is English. My grandparents come from Laos, but I have never been able to speak the language fluently. I would love to have a partner in which we could help each other out in learning the language! I have a Facebook and a Skype, or perhaps we could use another chatting/messaging system. I'd love to learn more about the culture and practices there as well, and your experience with living there if you have or have been there before!

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I don't know of anyone who teaches that language, in fact I have never heard it spoken before.  Now I am curious and want to look it up on youtube and see what it sounds like.  Laos is a fascinating country, I bet you have lots of family stories to share.

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Laotian sounds very similar to Thai, since they belong to the same family. If you speak Thai you will be able to understand Laotian as well. They use similar characters as well, it is possible to read Thai if you can read Laotian and you will pretty much be able to read Laotian if you can read Thai. The Laotian characters just look a little bit more poetic (in my opinion)

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I'm looking for a real partner to improve my English language skill with your ideas and my projects (you know? my project needs two people and i can't handle it by my own self !) 
so my goal is just improve my English language, not something else !
I'm not sure about my level but i think that's upper intermediate .
It will be nice easy motivation , you can accept my request or you can pretend to see nothing (hear nothing) and don't forget that it will be my honor to hear your consent

Have a pleasant day .

my telegram ID :   @fkb555

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