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  1. Gâo (เก้า)= nine/9. Gâo is a very common nickname in Thailand because Thais believe that 9 is a lucky number. It comes from the Cantonese word gao (9)
  2. https://www.viki.com/explore?country=thailand Check out viki.com, they offer many movies and series from Asia with subtitles
  3. You already know a lot of words, thats great. Which lakorns do you watch?
  4. another word with jai(ใจ). jai dee (ใจดี̣̣̣) means "friendly, someone who is kind". Dee (ดี) is the Thai word for "good" and you might have seen it before (sawad DEE krap/kha). By the way if you say dee jai (ดีใจ) it becomes the verb to be glad (about sth.).
  5. I am curious. Are there other fellow VIetnamese learners. How do you learn and why do you learn Vietnamese? Cheers
  6. The word for today is mâe nám (แม่น้ำ) which means river. The word mâe nám consists of two smaller words. Mâe (แม่) which means mother and น้ำ (nám) which means water. So "Mother Water" is basically how you say river in Thai.
  7. Pôm (ผม) is the personal pronoun I +(me,mine), it is used for male speakers. One of the first words you learn in Thai, but did you know that the exact same word, written exactly the same way also means hair?
  8. Greetings everyone, i have been a member here for some time but i stopped using this site for some months. Now i am back. My name is Georg, i am a 21 year old language fanatic from Germany and i speak German,English, Thai and Spanish+ those languages that i dont really speak but i used to learn some basic stuff (Korean, Vietnamese French..) I am glad that i found out about linguaholic and i hope i can meet other fellow language learners here. I am trying to learn Vietnamese and Korean right now and i can offer my mother tongue German. Nice to meet all of you
  9. Korean first got my interest when i found out about Hangeul. How it works and how it was created. I started to learn how to read and write Hangeul and i signed up for a free Korean course at Uni. I was never a big fan of Kpop or Kdramas but i finally found a very awesome Korean band. The country itselfs seems interesting, i would love to go there and the Koreans i met so far were very friendly.
  10. 1. German (native) 2. English (international language) 3. Thai (i speak Thai and i just love how it works) 4. Vietnamese (i am currently learning Vietnamese and it is so fun to learn) 5. Korean (i love Hangeul) It wasnt easy to make those choices, i am interested in a lot of languages and this list could go on forever ^^
  11. dtuèn dtên (ตื่นเต้น): excited literally to stand/wake up and dance.
  12. The word for this day is suăy (สวย), which means beautiful (used for girls only, nature, views..not for males)..This word is very important in Thailand, everything should be สวย if you ask the Thais. The rising tone here is very important, otherwise it means "bad luck" (suay;ซวย).A very common mistake.
  13. This is very helpful, Ruedi uploads a lot of useful stuff.
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