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Nang and Ng (Advanced)


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It seems that even Filipinos get confused with this two. Even I have to remind myself of these rules. Most of the time people just use "Ng", but that's actually wrong. I hope this quick tutorial will help a little.


(1) Used when you're repeating a verb. (to emphasize a repetition of an action)


Tumawa nang tumawa (kept laughing)

Magbasa nang Magbasa (keep reading)

(2) Used when a verb is to be followed by an adverb or another verb.


Tumawa nang malakas (laughed loudly)

Magbasa nang tahimik (read quietly)

Mag-ipon ka nang makabili ka (save up so you can buy)

(3) Used as a combination of na + ang, na + ng, or na + na.


Mahirap na ang magkasakit => Mahirap nang magkasakit

Sila ay nagsama na ng tuluyan => Sila ay nagsama nang tuluyan

Tumigil ka na na mag-inom => Tumigil ka nang mag-inom


(1) Used when a verb is followed by a noun.


Sumulat ng tula (wrote a poem)

Magbasa ng libro (read a book)

(2) Used when a verb is followed by an adjective.


Sumulat ng nakakalungkot na tula (wrote a depressing poem)

Magbasa ng makapal na libro (read a thick book)

(3) Used when a verb is followed by a number.


Bumili ng anim na damit (bought six clothes)

Magtanim ng isang dosenang binhi (plant a dozen of seeds)

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Wow! This is really useful! I am a Filipino and I still get confused with the two. Thanks for this. I have practically given up on knowing the difference between the two until now. Hahaha. Thanks again!  :smile:

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This is indeed helpful.  Even proficient and fluent Filipino speakers can sometimes confuse between ng and nang as they sound identical but have different usages.  Nang is quite complex, especially the third usage thereof.

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Yes it is indeed quite useful info. Most Filipino's are really not aware of that, and it was not even taught in schools, so no wonder a lot of us have no idea that they have to be used under "proper circumstances". Do you happen to be a Filipino teacher?

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