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Adverbs of Place



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Adverbs of place

    >> They tell us the place where something happens. They answer the question "Where?"

    >> Adverbs of place mainly modify verbs.

    ~ Please sit HERE.

    ~ They looked for the lost wallet EVERYWHERE.

    ~ Two cars were parked OUTSIDE.

    >> Common adverbs of place:

    ~ about, above, anywhere, away, back, backwards/backward, behind, below, down, downstairs, east, elsewhere, far, here, in, indoors, inside, near, nearby, off,

    on, out, outside, over, there, towards, under up, upstairs, where.

    >> Common suffixes.

    (-wards/-ward) & -where

    ~ backwards, downwards, eastward, forwards, upwards, anywhere, everywhere,

    somewhere, nowhere.

    >> Some adverbs can also be prepositions.

    ~ She was waiting with a red scarf ON. «adverb»

    ~ She put the red scarf on the table. «preposition»

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I always get confused with adverbs, verbs and pronouns. Thank you for this because it helps with understanding the difference between them all and I now understand what an adverb is.

A grade school English teacher once taught us that it's easy to remember the difference between a verb and adverb.

The verb speaks of what the subject in the sentence is doing. The 'adverb' is like the adjective for verbs. (As earlier pointed out, it modifies (or describes) the verb.

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True, abverb usually serves as a modification to verb and are quite common:

VP (Verb Phrase) - (AdvP+) V (AdvP+) (NP) [NP/CP] (AdvP+) (PP+) (AdvP+)

As you can see in the phrase structure rule for the verb phrase, adverbs can appear almost everywhere, and in a great number: ''deliberately always left frequently early''. In this example, they do modify the verb, and we could even go as far as to say that they serve like an ''adjective'', though I wouldn't really say so.

However, an adverb can also serve as a premodification of another adverb!

very quickly, rather frequently, quite early

Or an adjective:

very beautiful, fairly true, reasonably expensive.

It is also very important to differentiate in between the form and the function! (adverb vs adverbial)

An adverbial too could mean place.


She put it outside. - adverb (part of speech! - realised through AdvP)

She put it on the desk. (adverbial - sentence element! like subject or object - realised through PP)

She put it where I can't find it (adverbial - realised through a finite clause)

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