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  1. I don't know if it is accurate but perhaps it could be the way we input the sentence that might make it complicated for someone to understand. I know she is definitely foreign and some of the sentences were understood but others seemed to make her look puzzled. I think now that it could be the sentence phrasing because we don't talk the same way that they do
  2. I LOVE history and the languages of French and Italian are fantastic because they are internationally accepted languages. Italian is a difficult language to learn because of the female and male of everything but other than that it is a beautiful language.
  3. Oh that is a good way to learn a language and a great reason too! Languages are fantastic and it is nice to know that you can communicate with the one you love especially whrn you are angry and they can then understand what you really mean!
  4. sometimes it is difficult to learn a language that makes you feel humiliated when you try to speak it but nobody really cares and most people would be helpful. I love languages and it is sad when people try to correct you by laughing first.
  5. Japanese must be a difficult language to learn and Arabic too! Not many people who can speak Arabic so that is a good one. I would like to learn latin as I find that language fascinating
  6. you do need to love the language you are teaching and sometimes as a student it is not because they love the language it is because they have to learn it for work or whatever the reason so they can get a job or communicate in a foreign country. Patience is needed from both sides because there is a lot of frustration with learning a language that you have never heard spoken before
  7. Thank you sorry yes it is better there sometimes I am ahead of myself and do something quickly. Thanks for moving me!
  8. Has anyone written a thesis on literature in English? it must be very hard to do if it is not a subject that you enjoy and how complicated if you are not too familiar with the language if it is not a language that you speak everyday.
  9. Language is fun to learn but if you cant share the experience with others than a good way to learn is to watch a show on tv in the language that you want to learn about. it makes learning fun and easy to do.
  10. Teaching a language to people who are not native to it can be difficult and you have to understand that it is not easy even if you are teaching basic language lessons. The students might not be able to speak at all and to have patience to teach and explain is necessary for them to learn and speak back to you but the reward is once they are able to speak after your teaching skills
  11. I have discovered a new ad on internet talking about learning languages and the online course is called babble. Has anyone tried it and has it worked for you or are there easier places to learn?
  12. To learn a language is very difficult if you are not really interested in it so pick a language that you would love to speak and this will make it easy to learn because passion makes it easy! I find that when you are interested in the country and the people then that motivates you when you are learning the language. Does anyone else feel this way?
  13. Sorry but the only thing that I can think of is to feed as I cannot find any other word to describe it, I know what you mean but cannot express another word for it as in saying the bride and groom fed each other you could perhaps add in a word like delicately or ferociously but the actual word would be feed
  14. pronounciation is so important as it can completely alter what you express to say and it might mean something very different if you cannot pronounce the word correctly.
  15. I honestly think that with all the short lingo on text and email, chat rooms etc the new generation will not be able to have a full conversation with good grammar in the future. Reading and writing will be a thing of the past
  16. I don't know she cannot speak a word of English and google and bing seem to get us communicating but not so much so that she can fully understand me. I remember a device my dad had to travel with and it translated into many languages but I cant find one of those anywhere. It sometimes seems like the older stuff worked better than what we have today.
  17. I am never really sure and I often find myself using it at the wrong times but hopefully at some stage in my career I might actually get it right
  18. There is nothing worse than having a conversation with someone and they shorten their words according to text lingo. Lol, btw.....you know what I mean. I had a conversation with someone the other day and the entire sentence was shortened by these text words and I find it really sad that the language cant just flow!
  19. I will take another look because I do feel bad that I cannot communicate properly and it is frustrating writing everything down and getting confusion back. Wouldn't it be nice to know how to speak any language by the touch of a button!
  20. I think that Latin is a beautiful language to learn and it would be fantastic to have this. I went to a mass in Latin once and the nuns used to speak in Latin but it is an old language used in historical times and I WOULD love to learn it
  21. I have found that many can communicate in the language but if the pronouncing is incorrect then you have trouble understanding what the person is saying. I think it would harm the learning in a way because not being understood even when you are trying so hard to learn a language, can make you despondent and you might feel like giving up
  22. Welcome! There are online courses to take and you can youtube language lessons also. The best way to learn a language is to go to the country and speak to the people! For those of us who cannot afford to do this then look at memorise too they have ways for you to learn and it is easy
  23. Some good ones here and I wouldn't have been able to think of many! Can you think of any other words that apply a rule like this?
  24. I have a friend that comes to visit me from Romania and I use bing translator or google but she seems to often not understand what I am writing. Have any of you tried to use either of these and which one do you think is the best one to use for accuracy?
  25. This is a great program for you to learn anything, including languages. I think you can search for it online but if you want to learn to speak another language and you wish to remember it then this is the program for you. My sister learned maths through this and she couldn't do it before at all and has now passed it with flying colours. I am currently learning another language on there and it is working for me.
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