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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Linguaholics! I'd like to speak today on the subject of Memrise, an app used for learning languages. You are all probably very familiar with the app, as it has been around for a while now and has a huge amount of members who are actively learning and revising language skills. Firstly, before speaking about the specific topic of this article, I must clean up a common misconseption: Memrise is mainly based around the learning and remembering of vocabulary, but this isn't the program's only function. As the platform progressed, becoming a larger community, it added more feauture to keep up with the picky language learner (you must admit, we can be picky!). So, you can now find tools on the site such as Chatbots, which enhances your skill of native conversation in common situations, and Grammarbot, which allows you to learn and revise grammatical concepts (which in some languages can be a complete nightmare! Take Finnish, for example, a language that has fifteen - yes, fifteen cases that are all marked differently! Nightmare!). This means that Memrise is a platform used for more than just vocabulary - it also has great potential to help a learner with spelling, grammar, speaking, reading and even cultural based tips such as tone and pitch. Adding to this, the site and mobile versions both offer the ability to complete their "Review" words through a number of different ways. Listening, speaking, speed review and classic are the methods available, which gives the user a huge range of accessability to the language - just like they were living in the country. "Listening" gives tons of points (a bonus there, especially when I'm running late on my streaks!) and allows the user to practise - well... listening. The use of native speakers means you can really understand how not everyone sounds robotic when speaking a language. The "Speed Review" feature is really great - it simulates the pressure and need for fast-thinking that would be needed in a practical native-leaner situation. "Classic Review" is starting to seem a bit rubbish now to all you memrise-free-boring-class-review-users, isn't it? Yep! All these great features come at a price. You can buy the pro package on a monthly, quarterly, yearly or one-off basis. So who out of the Linguaholic Forum's users uses Memrise Pro and what do you think about it? I've used Memrise for probably around four years, and two of those years I've been a user of the Pro version. Therefore I think I'm in a fairly good position to give an opinion. My opinion, then, is that if you tick these boxes (see below), get Pro. Otherwise, it may not be neccassary for you. Firstly, I recommend that you're learning multiple languages. I don't mean add a load of courses so you have an impressive dashboard, no - I mean you should be actively learning multiple languages and enjoy it too. For example, I actively learn French (not so much anymore - I'm fluent on paper), Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese. I also learn some other languages not so much, and sometimes only "on and off". Also, have an open mind to learn new languages. If you're going to invest in a premium version of a platfrom, make the most of it! Take my example again, I've learnt some Arabic, Estonian, Romanian, Mandarin, Cantonese and many more. I'm open minded to languages. I'll see a course and say, "I'll give it a go!", so I'm really getting the most out of my subscription. Another point to add is I recommend that you have been using Memrise (or learning languages in general) for at least a year. If this is a passing hobby that'll last a month or two - go ahead and try a month of Pro and see how it is. But there's no point getting a subscription if you don't plan on taking languages seriously. By all means go ahead, but I'm just trying to help you not waste your money. If you're new to language learning (not a specific language, just the hobby/passion in general) maybe invest the money in a text book on language and linguistics so you can get some base knowledge while you practise vocabulary in your chosen language(s) on the Memrise Free version. Finally, I advise you to stick to your goals, whether they are Memrise streaks or classroom targets. Try staying on track with Memrise Free, and if it works out and you tick the other boxes, get Pro. Why is staying on track of your goals important? Well it sounds cliché (nice bit of French there) but it's like anything in life - work hard and put in the effort and you will get great things. I think kids these days have it too easy! Back in my day.... Okay, okay I can't say that yet I'm thirteen but whatever. It's not worth investing in a paid platform if you're not going to utilise it on a regular basis. Voilà (I'm on a role!), there's my opinion on Memrise Pro. It's great and feauture-filled, but comes at a price so you should think about the mentions points before investing into it. Don't forget to share your opinion and whether you're a Pro user - I'd love to here some different views! Have a great morning, after, evening or night wherever in the world you are. - Frankie Quote of the Article
  2. I'm surprised nobody has listed this app yet. I use it mostly for learning Japanese but from time to time I also use it for brushing up on my Spanish. I guess you can say it is kind of like Duolingo except you get to choose which course you would like to learn. There are points and you can share your progress on social networks as well. You can register online first (recommended) and then sync up the app on your mobile device. My favorite thing about Memrise is that there is more to learn than just languages, you really just need to see it for yourself. Oh and the courses are written by other users so you get a chance to learn slang and other things. Seriously, go and check it out! www.memrise.com
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