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I'm thiking of learning Russian once I have the time


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Just like in the title, yes, I was thinking today it'd be nice to learn some Russian once I have the time, I'd also like to learn colloquial Hebrew.  All this would be after I'm done learning dutch and I have enough time, so  no idea when or how this is going to happen, but I feel really motivated right now! I love the idea!

I really think this forum has served of inspiration to bring back that enthusiasm I once felt for learning languages jut for the sake of knowing a new language, but I know it would require a lot of work, patience, but overall... practice!

I'd like like to know if there are things I should consider before even trying to learn Russian tho, hopefully someone here can tell me.

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I learned some russian after high school graduation.I though that English and Russian would be the perfect combination in middle Europe. But sadly all I learned just wore off.

All I can remember is "begemot / Бегемот" that means hippopotamus. :))

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Russian is a lovely language! I would suggest that you be diligent and patient with your studies. Honestly, learning the Cyrillic alphabet is the easy part. There are several letters similar to English, you just have to get used to how it looks. It just gets harder after that because of the grammar and cases. If you put in the time and effort though, you'll eventually see results. Best of luck!

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