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Posting vocabulary notecards all around your house


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I've heard of this idea before, but haven't tried it yet. The idea is to get cards or stickynotes, write words on them in your target language, and then stick them all over your house. The idea is that by constantly exposing yourself to these words via interacting with these everyday objects, you'll start thinking of, for example, milk, as leche instead of just milk. Has anyone tried this? Is it effective?

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Nope, never tried it, but a friend of mine used a similar method in order to learn a new word everyday! It worked for him, so if you have the time and patience to do this... I don't see why not trying it!  In the eyes of many this might seem like a very unorthodox method, but in theory it really sounds great!

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I believe this method will work if you have the target personality for it, or don't overuse the method. For instance, putting 'toilet seat' on toilet seat or covering one thing in the various words that share the same meaning for it; that might get confusing. So, stay with one word per item and don't overdo it and this method is likely to be very helpful.

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